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GCT Shade Technology

GCT offers a horizontal curtain system technology for our gutter connect greenhouse growing systems. Our shade system comes with a motorized control option.


Our curtain system technology provides shade protection for plants in the summer and prevents heat loss during the colder season.


Blackout curtains are available for photoperiod control and light emission prevention.


Energy savings curtains are becoming more and more necessary for the client to help offset the rising costs of heating a greenhouse.


  • All shade and reflective coverings are integrated into the greenhouse control systems

  • Ability to automate and configure shade systems to work certain times of the day or manually.

  • Ability to automate and configure temperature controls in order for your shading system to operate.

  • We are also able to provide multiple types of shade covering that are specific to the time of day depending on the client's climate.

  • Shade systems are designed to operate in temperatures between 0C to 60C (140F). The motorized shade system can be utilized for polycarbonate, poly and glass greenhouses including all ventilated screens.

  • The curtain system works together with our heating system to make your greenhouse as energy efficient as possible

  • Truss to truss horizontal curtain systems

  • Roll-up systems for walls

  • Wide variety of cloth to choose from for many different usages

  • Single and multiple systems available

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