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GCT Benches

GCT can provide stationary and rolling benches to suit every grower's requirement to meet their Greenhouse growing needs.. Whether the goal is to display the product for your retail environment or to use every square foot of space possible for mass production.


GCT will work with each client individually to meet their specifications. Our benches are easy to assemble, and designed to provide many years of trouble-free service. Providing the flexibility of having a “flush” top, or a 2 7/8” lip on our bench tops, growers will receive double the benefits.


Our benches can be purchased with optional troughs or “ebb and flood” inserts. This provides clients with a solution for automated irrigation, cutting down on manual labor, and keeping money in the client's pocket.


  • On concrete – 1 1⁄2”x 4” welded on base for anchoring to the concrete floor

  • For all other surfaces – 4” x 4” base plate

  • Leg stands are 6” height – adjustable at the bottom

  • 4 leg-stand braces per bench


How will you mount the bench? Concrete or dirt/gravel floor?

  • “Flush” aluminum bench side and ends, with/aluminum corners and splices

  • 2 7/8” high aluminum bench side and ends, with/aluminum corners and splices • Aluminum I-beam cross members at 2 ft. centres – pre-cut

  • Aluminum I-beam cross members at 2 ft. centers – pre-cut


Do you want stationary or rolling benches?

  • 1 run of 1 1⁄2” square tubing on stationary benches wider than 72” for additional support, we include a purlin and self-drillers per stand

  • 1.9” O.D. 18 gauge pre-galvanized roller pipe with swagged ends for easy connections(for rolling benches only)

  • Anti-tip clips for rolling benches

  • Nail in anchors as required and all fasteners are included

  • One bench roller handle per rolling bench (optional at extra cost)



  • Available in a variety of widths and lengths



  • Galvanized steel leg stands, at 6 ft centers

  • Choice of galvanized base plates for soil or concrete applications

  • Standard height adaptability for leveling of ebb and flood benches. Also ideal for uneven surfaces

  • Aluminum bench sides and I-beam bench supports

  • Benchtop supports are pre-cut for easy on-site assembly

  • Anti-tip clips for rolling benches



  • Choice of stationary or rolling benches

  • Choice of flush sides for flat, 2 7/8” high sides for potted crops or ebb and flood

  • 3⁄4” hot dipped galvanized expanded metal

  • Ebb and flood liners or troughs

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