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GCT Seasonal System

Global Crop Technology can provide greenhouse cold frames that have become a long time favorite for nursery and seasonal growers.


By providing an easy to assemble structure, at a low-cost investment, the cold frame greenhouse is an excellent purchase that will see a quick return on investment.


It has been designed to cope with condensation run-off, shed snow and withstand harsh conditions, which allow it to save growers money on heating throughout the cold winters.

The GCT Season system greenhouse is an ideal choice for a wide range of crops. Whether for long term use or for a temporary selling structure.


  • 20 ft width

  • 4 ft or 5 ft arch spacing



  • 1 1⁄2” dia. Galvanized steel anchor posts, arches and centre peaks, swagged and drilled for easy assembly

  • 3 runs – 1” dia. purlins, pre-drilled

  • 8 wind braces – 1 1⁄4” dia.

  • End arches and end peaks are 1 1⁄2” square for easy framing

  • All required fasteners are included

Gable Ends

  • 1 1⁄2” square tubing with double poly or polycarbonate covering

  • Includes all necessary mounting brackets, fasteners and anchor posts, polylock and gable arch rubber for end arches

  • All required fasteners are included


  • Inflation kit

  • Polyethylene film, clear or white opaque

  • M.G. Wire polylock with fasteners

  • Aluminum base with polylock

  • M.G. polylock installed on 2 end arches

  • M.G. polylock and gable arch rubber on 2 end arches

  • Set of gable framing – 1 1⁄2” square tubing

  • 4 ft x 8 ft hinged door or 8 ft x 8 ft double doors

  • Polycarbonate covered gable set with M.G. polylock and gable arch rubber installed

  • Double poly covered gable set with steel framing and M.G. polylock

  • Fans and Shutters

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